How to Make Autumn Scented Potpourri Balls

Here is a quick and easy way to bring the smell of autumn into your home. These potpourri balls are a great addition to fall decorations and add a wonderful aroma that will linger throughout your home for months.


Step 1

Pour some of the premade potpourri mix into a bowl, or if you are making your own, pour the ingredients into the bowl and stir so all the parts are distributed evenly. Put glue in one area of a foam ball and sprinkle the mix onto this area. Continue to add glue to the ball and spread the potpourri mix on top until the entire foam ball is covered. Cover the remaining foam balls with potpourri.

Step 2

Allow the glue to dry on your newly rolled potpourri balls. An hour should be enough time.

Step 3

Add the oils to your potpourri balls once the glue is dry. Take one of the balls in your hands and put drops of the oil you have chosen all around the ball. Continue to do this with all the potpourri balls until you get the right amount of scent.

Step 4

Display your new potpourri accents to add the aroma of autumn to your house. You can put your potpourri balls inside a glass vase, basket or bowl, or you can attach a piece of string and hang them throughout your home.

Things You'll Need

6 to 8 plastic foam balls , Glue gun and glue sticks, 1 to 2 bags of dried potpourri mix , 1 to 2 bags of dried materials like broken cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, dried fruit rinds, small pinecones or berries, Aromatic oils like cinnamon, apple or clove
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