How to Harvest a Basil Crop

Having your own garden can be a great way to add fresh herbs to your food. Basil is not a hard herb to grow yourself, but you have to know how to harvest it properly.


Step 1

Basil is ready to be harvested when the plants are mature. A mature basil plant is approximately 1 to 2 feet tall.

Step 2

Harvest sprays of basil leaves by cutting the stems of the plant just above two new sprouting branches. This is will promote re-growth of that stem.

Step 3

Pinch off the flower buds to extend the harvesting of the plant.

Step 4

Make sure to regularly fertilize the basil plant to promote new growth of the leaves.

Step 5

Place the newly cut basil leaves in a vase of water to keep them fresh until you use them.

Tips and Warnings

When cutting off mature stems of the basil plant, make sure that you do not damage the rest of the plant as it will keep re-growing leaves.

Things You'll Need

Sharp garden scissors, Plant fertilizer, Vase, Water