How to Plant a Thyme Lawn

When it comes to lawns, grass is still the most popular choice. There are, however, smaller areas in the garden where you can use alternatives to grass that can give your garden an individual style minus the care and maintenance of a grass lawn. One choice would be to use thyme which good in dry and alkaline soils.


Step 1

Prepare the area by digging the ground. Remove the weeds and break down the soil using the shovel, spade or hoe. Rake level the soil. Do this at least a month before planting the thymes.

Step 2

Choose the right thymes. Don't use the ones you use for cooking for they can be too bushy or too tall when they grow. Use the low-growing kind- thymus serpyllum which is perfect as ground cover.

Step 3

Water the thymes while still in their pots. Then set them at least 18 inches apart, staggering them in each row.

Step 4

Remove each plant from the pot, then carefully tease out the roots to loosen them.

Step 5

Plant the thymes using their original depth. Firm the soil and roots on each one before planting the succeeding ones.

Step 6

Water the ground thoroughly. Keep well-watered during first season.

Step 7

Cut or trim the thymes when they become woody, usually after 3 to 5 years. The cuttings are easy to root so re-plant them somewhere you need ground cover.

Things You'll Need

Thymes (preferably Thymus serpyllum), Shovel, Spade, Rake, Hoe, Water

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