How to Erect a Panel Fence

Panel fencing adds texture to the landscape. image by Public Domain

Many gardeners prefer to employ a contractor to erect or replace a fence. They will certainly make lighter work of it with their professional tools for excavating postholes, and at a speed that comes with expertise, but some fences are very easy to erect yourself. The easiest to erect is the panel fence, which can be easily constructed by following the guidelines.


How to Erect a Panel Fence

Step 1

Use post spikes for easier installation. Post spikes are an easier option than excavating holes and concreting the post in position. The cost saving on using a shorter post and no concrete will go some way toward the cost of the spike.

Step 2

Use a special tool to protect the spike top. Then drive it in with a sledgehammer. Check periodically with a spirit-level to ensure it is absolutely vertical. Once the spike has been driven in, insert the post and check the vertical alignment again.

Step 3

Lay the panel in position on the ground and mark the position of the next post. Drive in the next spike, testing the vertical alignment again.

Step 4

Use panel brackets to secure panels to the post. There are various ways to fix the panels to the posts, but panel brackets are easy to use.

Step 5

Check the horizontal level both before and after nailing, and make any necessary adjustments before moving on to the next panel.

Step 6

Insert the panel and nail in position, through the brackets. Insert the post at the other end and nail the panel in position at that end.

Step 7

Finish off by nailing a post cap to the top of each post. This will keep water out of the end grain of the timber and extend its life.

Step 8

Paint or varnish the post to protect it from fading and the weather.

Tips and Warnings

Consult building guidelines for city and neighborhoods. Give neighbors advance notice of your build date.

Things You'll Need

Post spikes, Spike protection tool, Sledgehammer, Panels, Panel brackets, Nails, Post caps

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