How to Find Unique Father's Day Gifts

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Father's Day can be daunting for even the most savvy and creative shopper. Making dad's day fun, and showing him you appreciate all he's done for you, means taking a bit more time to pick out a gift and make it special. Fathers today are more active in general and involved in personal hobbies. Finding a great gift that tells dad you care is important. Here are some unique ideas that will help get you started.


How to Find Unique Father's Day Gifts

Step 1

Get shopping: Got a new dad to shop for? Try handing him an instructional book on "How to Traumatize Your Children" from At $10, it's an easy purchase to make. You'll find some other great gift ideas on this site including a travel mug that says "Don't Make Me Stop This Car." Fun and affordable. See reference section below for links.

Step 2

Determine his likes: Is dad a board game lover? How about a personalized edition of Monopoly? Made by TDC Games and available at, this game set gives you the chance to memorialize your dad's school, business and community connections. You'll need a computer and color printer and some time to get it all set up to present to dad, but it'll be worth the effort. Follow the link below to Amazon for more information and ordering.

Step 3

Go to to shop for the dad who has everything. This is your chance to purchase a piece of the moon itself for the little astronaut in all dads! At a mere $30 an acre, you can pick your spot and plant your own little flag on the moon. How cool is that? Get a certificate to present to dad and get your telescope honed in on his personal piece of heaven. This website is full of great information about this opportunity so check it out and buy, buy, buy!

Step 4

Go the extra mile for the biker dad. If he loves motorcycles, go beyond the Harley t-shirt and create or buy a gift basket full of all the stuff dad needs to trick out his ride. has a great bike wash gift basket put together for you and has plenty of unique offerings including a book titled "Why Grandpa Rides a Harley!" Cute!

Step 5

Check out to find unique antiques or hard to find special interests for dad. Does he love vintage comic books or collect baseball cards? You'll find just about anything special you are looking for here on eBay. Plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to browse and bid to get that truly hard to find item dad will treasure.

Step 6

Run to this site: If your credit card limit is high, and Dad is an adventurist, run, don't walk, to Whether he wants to try his hand at drag racing or hang gliding, or be a cowboy on a dude ranch in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this site has plenty of life changing experiences you can give as a gift. Packages range from just upwards of $100 to several thousand, but for dad, well, he's worth it!

Tips and Warnings

Give yourself plenty of time to shop so that you have the opportunity to give dad something special. Plan for shipping times. Buddy up with siblings and mom to pool your resources to get dad something nice.

Things You'll Need

A computer with Internet access, A credit card, Knowledge of what dad enjoys

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