How to Make an Easter Bingo Game

Bingo can be a fun way to enjoy a group game and give out sweet treats for Easter. You can create and print your own Easter bingo cards on the computer, or you can use the website linked below to create the cards for you. Many office supply stores sell paper or card stock in pretty pastel colors that are perfect for spring. You can use clip art to decorate the bingo cards for Easter, or you can print plain cards and decorate them with Easter or spring-themed stickers.


Make an Easter Bingo Game

Step 1

Create a new document in Microsoft Word, or the word processor or desktop publishing program you’re most comfortable using.

Step 2

Set the margins and the page orientation in the Page Setup dialog box. You may want to use landscape orientation and two columns to fit more than one bingo card on a sheet of paper.

Step 3

Create a table with five columns and six rows, or draw a grid using the line tools. In Microsoft Word, you can easily make a table using the Insert Table command from the Table menu.

Step 4

Choose a large, cheerful font suitable for spring. Type the letters “BINGO” at the top of the table, or substitute another five-letter word, such as JESUS, CROSS, LAMBS or TULIP.

Step 5

Create a free space in the center square of the table by typing the word “Free,” or inserting a special symbol.

Step 6

Place Easter or spring-themed clip art in each space, or decorate the borders of the bingo card and use regular numbers in each space.

Step 7

Save the bingo card. Click "Save" to create another bingo card with the same layout, then fill the squares with a different combination of pictures or numbers. Create enough unique bingo cards for all the players.

Step 8

Print the Easter bingo cards on card stock or pastel paper. Cut the sheets in half if you put two bingo cards on each page.

Step 9

Make a page with all the pictures or a list of all the letter and number combinations you used. Print out the page and cut apart the images or numbers so you can draw them randomly during the game.

Tips and Warnings

To make markers for the Easter bingo cards, you may want to use small candies, or use a crafty hole punch, such as a flower or Easter egg, to create tokens from colored paper.

Things You'll Need

Word processor or desktop publishing program, Printer, Card stock or colored paper, Scissors, Clip art , Stickers (optional)
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