How to Make a Paper Plate Cross

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Easter is a time for celebrating Jesus' resurrection from his crucifixion on the cross. Some how the meaning of the holiday has gotten lost in Easter bunnies and colored eggs. There is a way to make sure your child remembers what Easter is all about. Have them create some cross crafts. This cross craft uses common household items such as a paper plate and some paints.


Step 1

Draw a cross on your paper plate with a pencil. You may want to make it as big as you can so you can have more fun painting it.

Step 2

Cut the cross out with your scissors.

Step 3

Paint your cross. You can make the background brown like real wood, and then you can write your name across the front. You can write the name of Jesus or "Happy Easter."

Step 4

Set the painted cross out to dry for a few hours.

Step 5

Use your hole punch in the top of the cross. This will make a hole for a ribbon to go through.

Step 6

Choose the length of your ribbon. It should be short if you want to hang the cross on your wall. It should be medium if you want to hang the cross from your door knob. It should be long if you want to wear the cross around your neck.

Step 7

Thread the ribbon through the hole in the cross and then tie it in a knot at the ends.

Tips and Warnings

Instead of a hanging cross you can put a magnetic strip on the back and display the cross on your refrigerator. Lay newspapers out on your workspace area to protect the surfaces from paint.

Things You'll Need

Paper plate, Paints, Paintbrush, Hole punch, Ribbon, Pencil

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Photo by: Billy Alexander

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