How to Decorate a Mailbox for Easter

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Decorating your mailbox for Easter is a great way to celebrate the season and give any visitors or egg-hunt attendees a good landmark to look for when they are driving or walking to your house. By adding just a few little accents to your mailbox, the bunny and everyone else will know exactly where to come for a fun Easter celebration.


Step 1

Hot glue the rabbit's hands together around the Easter egg. Run a thin line of glue down the length of the arms, then press them firmly around the egg. If you can, glue the rabbit's hands together so that it appears to be holding the egg.

Step 2

Decide how to position the rabbit. It can be sitting up or lying down with its stomach on the mailbox. If your mailbox has a post that extends above the box, then you can easily lean the rabbit against the post so that it is sitting on the back of the box with the egg in its lap. If your mailbox sits on top of the post, then it will be easier to have the bunny lie on its tummy so that it is looking forward at the egg in front of it with one leg on either side of the box.

Step 3

Glue a pipe cleaner to the rabbit to attach it to the mailbox. If the rabbit will be lying on its stomach, then glue a pipe cleaner to its stomach. If it will be sitting up, then you will need to glue the pipe cleaner to its back.

Step 4

Attach the rabbit to the mailbox. You may need to twist more than one pipe cleaner together to wrap them all the way around the mailbox or the post. The fuzzy outside of the pipe cleaners will prevent your mailbox from getting scratched.

Step 5

Cover the pipe cleaners with the large pastel bows. Tape them to the sides of the mailbox directly over the pipe cleaners. You can put the third bow either behind the rabbit or on the back of the box. Be sure that you do not obscure the numbers on the box with the bows.

Tips and Warnings

This decoration will usually last a week or two if the weather is clear. You may need to remove it if rain is in the forecast. Be very careful with the hot glue gun. It should never be used without adult supervision. Make sure that the glue is dry before you start decorating the mailbox itself or you may glue something permanently to the mailbox.

Things You'll Need

Stuffed rabbit, Large pastel bows, Pipe cleaners, Plastic Easter egg, Hot glue gun, Clear, weatherproof tape

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