How to Make Homemade Christmas Gifts

Homemade Christmas gifts are unique because they come from your heart as opposed to coming from a store. When making homemade Christmas gifts, you can broaden your list of gift recipients, because making your own gifts is more affordable, often costing less than $5 per gift. Even though homemade gifts are the best choice economically, you must be sure that you allow adequate time to produce top-notch gifts that look professional.


Step 1

Make gifts in a jar. In a 1-quart canning jar, layer the dry ingredients of your favorite cookie recipe. Firmly pack down each dry ingredient so that it looks like stacked layers from the outside of the jar. Cut out a pretty piece of scrap material to embellish the jars lid. Attach the complete cookie recipe on a card, sticker or gift tag.

Step 2

Create a unique gift basket full of the recipient's favorite treats. Instead of stocking the gift basket with store-bought items, fill it with homemade Christmas candy, cookies and perhaps a personalized ornament.

Step 3

Make stocking stuffer coupons. Purchase or sew a small Christmas stocking. Fill the stocking with homemade coupons that can easily be printed from your computer. The coupons should be redeemable for "services" that you are willing to perform. Some coupon ideas could include dinner (prepared by you), free night of babysitting or lunch for two (paid for by you). This coupon gift idea is perfect for spouses, siblings and close friends.

Step 4

Make personalized ornaments. Purchase a box of solid colored ball ornaments and some glitter alphabet stickers. You can find these at most craft stores. Apply a piece of double-sided tape around each ornament. Remove the tape's protective covering, and roll the ball into a pile of glitter. Glitter will adhere to the stickiness of the tape. The alphabet stickers can be used to create either the names of recipients or holiday messages.

Tips and Warnings

Make homemade gifts that express your talents. If you can sew, do carpentry work. If you are an excellent cook, use those talents to create unique gifts. Don't attempt to make homemade gifts that you have no practice with. Give away gifts that are perfected.

Things You'll Need

Various craft supplies, Canning jars, Proper containers

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