How to Make a Holiday Safety Pin Bracelet

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Safety pin bracelets are fun to make any time of the year, but adding a special holiday sparkle to your safety pin crafts turns a fun bracelet into a special seasonal gift. You can make these unique items of jewelry for all your friends this holiday season, and enjoy the memories of a special Christmas together for years to come every time you get out your bracelet for seasonal wear. This bracelet ties on like a present and is slightly more complicated than a conventional safety pin bracelet, but its innovative look is well worth the extra effort.


Step 1

String the beads onto the safety pins. You can string them randomly or you can create a pattern. Be careful not to poke your fingers. Once you have filled up a pin, then snap it shut and move on to the next until you have filled all the safety pins.

Step 2

Tie a knot in a length of red ribbon. The ribbon should be about 18 inches in length and your knot should be about 6 inches from the end of the ribbon.

Step 3

String the safety pins and silver beads onto the ribbon. Start with a silver bead and add the top of a safety pin. You will run the ribbon through the hole in the metal at the top of the pin. Then add another pin, and the bottom of a safety pin. This time you will run the ribbon through the wire twist at the bottom of the pin. Continue to alternate pins and beads in this fashion until your bracelet is as long as you want.

Step 4

Run a second red ribbon of equal length through the other side of the pins. As you do so, insert silver beads so that the bottom ribbon also alternates between beads and safety pins. The silver beads should match up on each side.

Step 5

Knot the loose ends of both ribbons. Do not leave any extra space that will allow the beads or safety pins to slide around.

Step 6

Tie a jingle bell to the very end of each ribbon. Use a firm knot so that they will not come off.

Step 7

Tie the bracelet on by tying the two red ribbons into bows, as if your wrist were a present. The jingle bells will ring merrily as you move and the bows will look festive with any outfit.

Tips and Warnings

Dab a tiny drop of craft glue onto each safety pin head to make sure that the pins remain closed.

Things You'll Need

75 safety pins, Thin red ribbon, Crystal beads in holiday colors (usually red, green, white and gold), Small silver beads, 4 small jingle bells

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