How to Make a Pinwheel Christmas Bow

This faux pinwheel Christmas bow adds a playful touch to holiday celebrations. Made with decorative foil paper, this little bow is sure to attract attention to that special gift under the tree. Made from squares of left over paper, these bows are a wonderful way to use up scraps. In fact, a pinwheel bow can be easily altered to create just the right size. These special bows are easy to make. It's a wonderful way to involve children in gift wrapping. Turn on your favorite holiday tunes, relax and get started.


Step 1

Select heavy weight foil wrapping paper for the best results. Use solid colored paper for bows to adorn multicolored Christmas gifts. Choose colorful patterns for solid colored gifts.

Step 2

Cut a square of wrapping paper. Use a ruler and pencil to trace a line on the back of the paper from corner to corner of the square. Place a dime in the center of the X. Trace around the dime with a pencil.

Step 3

Cut along the line to the outside edge of the circle. Repeat with all four lines.

Step 4

Position the paper in front of you so one of the outside sides of the square is parallel with the edge of the table. Grasp the left corner of the square. Fold the point towards the center of the square. Hold the point in place with your finger. Turn the square to your left so that the next side is facing you. Repeat by folding the left corner to the center, overlapping the point from the first fold by 1/4 inch. Repeat with the remaining two sides. Staple the points in place to the center of the pinwheel.

Step 5

Select curling ribbons that contrast or coordinate with the colors in the pinwheel. Fold the ribbons in half and knot in the center. This will create a cluster of ribbons ready for curling. Curl the ends by grasping the ribbon and puling the ribbon tightly across the blade of a pair of scissors. Be sure to curl from the underside of the ribbon so the shiny side is facing out. Glue in place in the center of the pinwheel. Add embellishments as desired.

Step 6

Create a variety of sizes by altering the size of the square of gift wrap used. Consider a cluster of small pinwheels in different colors in place of one large one.

Step 7

Create a special surprise for young children by creating a functional pinwheel to serve as a bow. Follow the directions for making the pinwheel, but instead of stapling the center use a straight pin or thumb tack to pin the center to the side of the eraser on the top of a pencil. Be sure to secure the pin with a drop of glue to prevent children from removing the pin. Bend or cut the end of the pin where it exits the eraser and cover with felt, if desired. Add a cluster of curled ribbons and tape to the gift.

Tips and Warnings

Always supervise young children while playing with the pinwheel to prevent injury from the pin.

Things You'll Need

Decorative foil Christmas paper, Scissors, Ruler, Pencils, Straight pin, Stapler, Curling ribbon

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