How to Make a Poinsettia Pen Pot

It is hard to steal a pen when there is a big, beautiful poinsettia attached to it. image by

This poinsettia pen pot is an ideal gift for the family scribe or a favorite teacher. Simple and inexpensive to make, it is practical and thoughtful at once. Even young children will be able to help you make this innovative seasonal desk item for a favorite teacher or librarian relative.


Step 1

Cut the flower heads off the poinsettia. Leave about an inch of stem underneath each flower. You should be able to do this with scissors, but some types of silk flowers make require wire cutters.

Step 2

Tape a single poinsettia flower to each pen. Line up the pen and the flower stem, then use the green craft tape to wrap the entire pen. Wrap around the stem as well as the pen until the stem runs out. Wrap as smoothly and tightly as possible. Stop when you reach the part of the pen that is covered by the cap or lid so that you can be sure that the lid will fit snugly and keep the ink from drying out.

Step 3

Fill the flower pot with the marbles or aquarium glass. The pot should be nearly full, and will become heavy enough to make it quite hard to tip over.

Step 4

Tie a bow around the flower pot. If you like, you can use craft glue to hold the green ribbon in place on the flower pot, or you can just tie it really tightly.

Step 5

Insert the pens into the marbles. The glass will hold the pens upright, and the poinsettias will look like a beautiful bouquet. To use the pens, just pull one out of the marbles, then reinsert it when you are done.

Tips and Warnings

You can do this craft with any type of flowers if you are doing it when it is not Christmas.

Things You'll Need

Silk poinsettia, Ball point pens with lids, Green craft tape, Green ribbon, Scissors, Small terracotta flower pot (4-inch diameter), Bag of glass marbles or aquarium marbles

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