How to Use Recycle Household Items to Decorate Christmas Packages

Recycling is important in this day and age. Consequently, people are always looking for new ways to use everything they can at least a second time around. That will take a bit of creativity, some time, and a little elbow grease in some instances. However, it is well worth the effort. This holiday season, decorate Christmas packages with common household items.


Step 1

Take apart an old silk plant to use the greenery and/or flowers to decorate a Christmas package. Use some silk plant cleaner or plain soap and water to clean everything before using it. It is also advisable to spray the items with Lysol to prevent the transfer of any bacteria that might have been growing on the plant.

Step 2

Use old broken mirrors to make a mosaic for the top of a package. Use wooden cutouts that can be purchased at any craft store as the base. That will allow you to make the mosaic in various shapes and sizes. Choose adhesive made especially for the materials being used. To finish everything off, use liquid lead in between to adhere the pieces together or add some color with colored glue or craft puffy paint.

Step 3

Use old magazines or newspapers to make miniature fans. Fold pages back and forth to pleat the page. Use a rubber band at the bottom of the page to secure the fan in place. Spray paint the fan any color you want and add a bit of glitter for pizzazz.

Step 4

Adhere votive candles that you’ve decided not to use to the package along with some Christmas greenery or berries. That way, the recipient gets two gifts in one.

Step 5

Cut old (but still in good shape) tapestry items like curtains, pillows, or shower curtains into strips. Sew or glue back the raw edges. Use the tapestry like ribbon to decorate the package. It can even make a fabulous bow.

Step 6

Use tasseled curtain tiebacks to decorate a package. Add some flowers or a bit of greenery if desired.

Step 7

Decorate the top of a package with all of those unused sample hand lotions, soaps or creams. Although those brands might not have been right for you, it’s possible the recipient will love them.

Step 8

Use individually wrapped candy as package décor. Make a candy sculpture or bow or just accent the package's ribbon or bow with colorful pieces.

Step 9

Tie those cookie cutters you don’t use onto the ribbon of the package. Every time the recipient uses them, she’ll think about you and your Christmas gift.

Step 10

Cut up old artwork or prints to adhere to a plain colored Christmas package. Adhere the pieces and then decorate them with puffy paint or glitter.

Tips and Warnings

Choose adhesives that are specifically made for the items being used. Make certain there are no sharp edges.

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