How to Make a Wine Bag

These elegant wine bags are so easy to make that you will be giving everyone wine as a gift just to show off your bags! These are super simple to make, and just take minutes to finish. Just follow the instructions below and you will have a sweet wine bag in no time!


Step 1

Measure your wine bottle. Cut shirt sleeve or pant leg to that measurement. Turn shirt sleeve or pant legs inside out.

Step 2

Pin raw end of shirt sleeve or pant leg to allow a 1/4 inch seam. Sew closed with sewing machine.

Step 3

Cut a 1/2 inch slit down the seam of the top edge. Fold top edge of shirt sleeve or pant leg over 1/2 inch and sew around. Turn shirt sleeve or pant leg right side out.

Step 4

Thread ribbon through top opening to create a drawstring. Tie knots in both ends of ribbon.

Step 5

Embellish with faux crystals, lace, ribbons, etc.

Step 6

Place bottle of wine in bag and pull drawstring. Tie in a pretty bow.

Tips and Warnings

Use a silk shirt or silk type material to create a fancy wine bag.

Things You'll Need

Old long sleeve shirt or pair of pants, Fabric ruler, Scissors, Straight Pins, Sewing Machine, Ribbon (to use as drawstring), Embellishments (If desired)

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