How to Make Christmas Stockings

A handmade Christmas stocking is a very special gift. It is easy to make stockings out of felt or cotton fabric. For a special touch you may also want to embroider initials, a name, or a special word or phrase on the stocking. Start sewing early because once you have made one stocking you will wish you had lots of time to make more before the holiday arrives.


Create an Instant Heirloom

Step 1

Make a handmade Christmas stocking for someone and you are creating an instant heirloom that will be treasured. A colorful Christmas stocking always brings a smile to a person's face. So have fun and create some very special Christmas stocking gifts.

Step 2

Create a felt stocking by using another stocking you have as a model and cut out the stocking shape out of the felt. Then use a large sewing needle and embroidery thread in a color that either matches or contrasts with the felt to sew the sides and bottom of the stocking together with large stitches.

Step 3

Add some sequins or colorful beads to the front of the stocking to make it festive. You may also want to superglue a bit of glitter to the top area of the stocking.

Step 4

Add a loop to the top of the stocking to hang it. You may make the loop out of felt or use gold or silver ribbon.

Step 5

Personalize the stocking by adding a name at the top. Sew the letters in embroidery thread or cut letters out of felt, and glue or sew them on. You may also add initials or special words or phrases to the stocking to personalize it. Another idea is to have a photo printed on a piece of fabric and to sew the image on the stocking. Be creative and make each stocking a unique present.

Tips and Warnings

Get all supplies in order before you start the Christmas stocking project. Start early so you have time to make all the stockings you want. Be careful when cutting the felt and sewing. Don't rush when using a needle.

Things You'll Need

Felt or cotton fabric, Sewing needles and thread, Scissors
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