How to Buy Christmas Gifts for a Golf Lover

Buying a gift for a golfer can be problematic. There are many gifts available for purchase, but chances are he's already got most of what you're thinking of getting for him. To effectively give a gift to the golf lover on your list, you'll need to know what he has and what he needs. Avoid purchasing gifts--like golf clubs--that he would likely want to choose for himself. Instead, get creative and look for offbeat items he would never think to buy.


Step 1

Browse shops and Websites that offer golf gift baskets. Look for baskets that contain gourmet treats such as chocolate golf balls, coffee, cookies, pretzels, and chips. Also keep your eyes peeled for useful items like bottles of water, golf-themed cups and mugs, and replacement balls and tees. Pick a functional basket, such as a cooler or a metal bucket.

Step 2

Consider purchasing a golf-themed frame for his favorite golfing photo. To make the gift more personal, consider having the frame printed with your recipient's name. Ask one of his family members or friends if you could borrow copy of the picture or the negative. If the photo is digital, just ask them to give you a copy of the file. Have a print made of the photo at your local drug or grocery store. Place it in the frame yourself.

Step 3

Look at golf organizers for the golfer who has everything. Browse for storage containers with compartments to hold spare golf shoes, socks, tees, balls, and other items he needs easy access to while teeing off. Small to medium size carrying bags can help him to lighten a golf bag. Also look for organizers for his closet or garage.

Step 4

Shop for high-tech gadgets that can help to improve his swing and lower his score. A GPS device can help him to see the hole he's aiming for and judge distance more accurately. Other gadgets can help the golfer find lost balls and keep track of his score on the course. Some devices use lasers and gyroscopes to let him know if his swing is off. Also check out golf gadgets like drink dispensers disguised as clubs, golf ball cleaners, UV detectors, and high-tech sunglasses.

Step 5

Shop for stylish golf apparel and accessories. These are especially thoughtful gifts for the golfer who consistently wears out his clothes. Consider dresses, skirts and skorts for lady golfers. Look for clothing made from absorbent materials such as cotton and micro polyester.

Tips and Warnings

Do a little detective work before you go shopping to avoid buying things he already has.

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