How to Create a Christmas Gift Basket for a Teen

A teenager can sometimes be hard to shop for. Increase the chances of having a gift loved and appreciated by giving several in the form of a Christmas gift basket this holiday! It's impossible to go wrong with this fun, generous and festive present.


Step 1

Spend time together with your teenager in the week prior to purchasing the contents for your gift basket. Pay extra special attention to the current passions and interests of your teenager. A favorite musician, a movie that she adores or a revered school subject can inspire dozens of perfect gift ideas.

Step 2

Go to several different stores within a few different malls. It's the best idea to go places where your teenager doesn't have easy access to. Presents she has never seen or imagined wanting can be the most fun to receive.

Step 3

Take care to avoid sexism. Don't make pink a dominant part of your teenage girl's basket. Refrain from trying to give your son superhero themed merchandise. Go for things that may challenge your teenager to avoid sexism and enjoy things usually reserved for the opposite sex. Your teenager will be enthralled at this brave idea.

Step 4

Choose a basket that matches the favorite hobby of your teenager. It could simply be a color that represents that passion, or it could be a literal representation of that hobby--like a baseball basket.

Step 5

Pick a few favorite movies of your teenager that you know she doesn't have. Put in one movie that you particularly want her to see. Movies are always popular gifts.

Step 6

Place a music gift card at the top. Downloading music is fun and very popular among teens. Let her know that you accept and support her music appreciation. Be generous on the gift card and skimp on a couple of presents if music is a particular favorite thing of your teen.

Step 7

Consider putting a musical instrument into the gift basket. If your teenager has expressed a desire to learn to read or play music, there is no time like the present to learn. College will busy her after high school, and career pressures are likely to lie beyond that stage of life. Encourage her to learn something new while she still has so many leisure hours to appreciate and fill. Include a beginner book or video so that she can get started right away when she receives the gift. Alternately, if your teen is already a musician, include lots of gifts that can help and enhance her playing fun.

Step 8

Include a personalized mug or key chain. A teenager can still appreciate having her name on things. Give a symbolic gift with her name on a fun product. If she has already picked a dream college, make it a product from that school. If she wants to move to Hollywood, order something from Hollywood with her name embellished on it.

Step 9

Line the basket with your teenager's favorite candy. It's alright to be naughty at this time of year. Calorie-counting should go out the window for Christmas!

Step 10

Arrange the gifts all around and in the candy. Put the larger things in the center. Put one or two of the best items in front. Hide the rest of the best items. Feel free to wrap items within the gift basket for more surprises. Don't be afraid to play around with the design several times before picking the perfect position and pose for the basket.

Step 11

Cover your basket with red or green cellophane. Place a personal card tied to the top. Write down your best wishes for your teenager at Christmas. Make it sweet and memorable, making sure to write the date in the card. Writing something meaningful to your teenager will make the card a treasure for years to come.

Tips and Warnings

Don't put things in the basket simply because they are pretty, fun or trendy. Try to really get inside the head of your teen when choosing presents for her.

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