How to Prepare Christmas Presents That Can't be Easily Wrapped

Let’s face it. Some of the best Christmas presents simply won’t fit into traditional boxes or bags. Outside of marking the items with ribbons and bows, many people are stumped as how to properly wrap the gifts for the perfect Christmas presentation. However, with a little imagination and time, it is possible to “wrap” almost anything. Here are some ideas.


Step 1

Encase the Christmas gift inside of a balloon. There are several balloon stuffing machines available in today’s market, from a simple desktop model, retailing for around $40 to professional models around $795. It may also be possible to find a local gift or floral shop that can encase items in a balloon for you, at a charge between $5 and $15.

Step 2

Put the present into a gift basket. Baskets now come in all different shapes and sizes and can be used beautifully to house the perfect Christmas present. Wrap the basket with clear cellophane wrap or simple Saran wrap, add a card and the gift is ready to go.

Step 3

Purchase toy bags. Around Christmas time, discount department and dollar stores carry a limited number of super large gift bags. Most are made of plastic or cellophane but a few are also made from fabric. The bags range from about 12-by-16 inches to 24-by-36 inches and cost between $1 and $10.

Step 4

Use fabric to “wrap” the gift. Inexpensive Christmas fabrics can be found at discount fabric stores. Width amounts average between 45 inches and 54 inches and the length is subject to the customer’s demands. Because fabric is easy to manipulate it is possible to fold, wrap, gather or pleat it to mold to the shape of almost any object. Use quick action fabric glue to secure the cloth in place and the present is ready to go.

Step 5

Cover the present with painting tarps made from plastic or muslin. To make the “wrap” more interesting, embellish it with paints, stencils or glitter.

Step 6

Put food Christmas gifts into a gift tin or jar. Use a Christmas plate or platter for others. Since tins, jars, plates and platters can be picked up inexpensively at dollar and discount department stores, you can keep the cost low. Add a bit of cellophane or Saran wrap if desired, and polish it off with a bow.

Step 7

Package the items in a related item. For example, if you are giving the mechanic in your life a new set of tools, think about putting them inside a toolbox or cabinet, which then becomes part of the “wrapping.”

Step 8

Make a Christmas stocking or buy one at a nearby dollar or discount store. Stockings now come in all sizes, up to about 42 inches. That means they can hold almost anything within the same size range.

Tips and Warnings

Avoid using plastic bags or plastic wrap around small children as they might accidentally get cased within it and hurt themselves. Plastic should be limited to adult packages.

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