How to Make a Santa Claus Bead Bracelet

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This funny little bracelet is extremely easy to make and is a great party activity for young children. Whether you make one for youself, or for all your friends, you will have a great time stringing beads and preparing for the holiday season. This is a simple craft that is appropriate for children as young as 4, and only takes about 30 minutes to complete.


Step 1

Tie a knot in one end of a length of jewelry cord. It should be about a foot long. Although your bracelet will not be nearly this long, it will provide plenty of extra length to allow you to tie secure knots at the ends of the cord.

Step 2

String the beads to form little santas. You should use this order: black tri-bead, large red bead, round white bead, conical red bead, round white bead. This will form in that same order: Santa's boots, his belly, his body, his head, his hat and his pompom. Continue stringing until your bracelet is the desired length.

Step 3

Draw on additional features with a permanent marker. Draw a face on the first round white bead, and give the large round red bead a belt and buttons. If you like, you can also draw arms on this bead.

Step 4

Knot the ends of the bracelet together. Make sure that the knot is tight so that it does not come undone when you slide it over your wrist repeatedly.

Step 5

Cut off the extra elastic tails. Cut them as close to the knots as you can, but be careful not to cut so close that you actually cut the knot apart or you will have to start over.

Tips and Warnings

Use different textures of beads to make your bracelet more interesting. For example, you might use a clear crystal bead for santa's head, or a wooden one for his body.

Things You'll Need

Black fine tipped permanent marker, Round red beads , Round white bead , Conical red beads, Black tri-beads, Elastic jewelry cord, Scissors

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