How to Choose Gifts for Floral Designers

A good floral designer is worth her weight in gold. She has the power to help make any occasion special just by adding the right floral arrangement. That provides a good reason to hang tightly onto a good designer, remembering her on major holidays like Christmas. Here are some great gift ideas for floral designers.


Step 1

Purchase some comfortable shoes for her. Floral designers, like so many creative professionals, stand on their feet for long periods of time. Consequently, their feet get tired and sore long before the day is complete. Any floral designer will appreciate a pair of comfortable shoes or slippers that will help to take the pressure off those sore tootsies.

Step 2

Offer her some assistance on a busy floral day like Valentine's or Mother’s Day. Florists seldom have enough workers when it comes to those days. If all you offer to do is run errands, dress plants or deliver flowers, that extra pair of hands will be greatly appreciated. Best of all, it only costs some of your time.

Step 3

Search garage sales for used flowerpots and vases; you should be able to find them for next to nothing. Since most of the containers were used only once, they should be in great condition. But even it they aren’t, they provide a base for a new paint job. The bottom line is that it will help florists save some dough and that is always welcome.

Step 4

Take her lunch on a busy floral day. When it comes to certain high-volume floral days, chances are good that the designer won’t be able to spring free for lunch. That doesn’t, however, mean that she doesn’t get hungry. Take her a burger, some fries and a soft drink from a favorite fast food place or make her a sandwich or salad yourself.

Step 5

Buy her a gift certificate for a health spa. Help her relieve the stress of standing and working all day with a massage.

Step 6

Make her a gift basket. While chances are she has made dozens of such baskets for her customers, she may have never received one herself. Choose an unusual shaped basket or one with a unique design. In it, put bath products she can use after a hard day’s work. Or fill it with goodies like fruit, cookies and candies. Try some candles in different shapes, sizes and scents.

Step 7

Give her a gift certificate to a floral wholesale mart, so she can buy some of those extras that she has always wanted but couldn’t afford.

Step 8

Rent her a maid from Merry Maids. Three is always work around a floral shop that needs to be done. Renting her a maid will help her finally get to those extra chores.

Step 9

Give her a charm bracelet with a charm that represents her business, like a rose. These can be fashion jewelry or precious metals like silver. Better yet, you can add new charms whenever you like.

Tips and Warnings

Be thoughtful with the gift wrapping. Choose something representative of the business like flowers or greenery. Decorate the top with real flowers and greenery. Be sure to include a card with a personal note from you. Deliver the gift yourself rather than having it dropped off or delivered for you. Stay away from anything with a religious conotation unless you know it will be welcomed.

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