How to Buy Christmas Gifts for an Environmentalist

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If you're looking for green gifts, there is a stunning array of items available which are both useful and chic. You won't have to venture far to find something that will satisfy her desire to protect the planet. You can find ecologically friendly products for almost any purpose. You can even choose greener methods of buying and wrapping your gift. Whether you're buying for a friend, a child, a parent, a spouse, or a pet, you're sure to find something your recipient will love.


Step 1

Browse items for her home or garden. Think of purchasing glassware made from recycled glass for her table. Consider an chic blanket made from recycled plastic. Another option is to get modern furniture made from recycled glass, metal or reclaimed wood. Also look for items for the kitchen, bath and office made from fast-growing bamboo. After all, bamboo is much more sustainable than hardwood.

Step 2

Buy organic. Since organic products are made without pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers, they're much kinder to the planet than conventionally grown foods and fabrics. There are many organic gourmet food gifts available, as well as stylish organic fashion boutiques. Get a gift basket full of organic treats or an organic cotton shirt or jacket.

Step 3

Shop locally. Items that are both produced and sold near your city or within your state produce less pollution than imported goods. Check out your local farmer's market for organic produce. Load it in a basket made from sustainable willow, wicker or reed. Look at your city's newspaper or visitor's bureau to find reviews on businesses that operate locally.

Step 4

Make a donation in her name. Many environmentalists prefer this option to receiving a gift they don't want or need. Ask her about her favorite charity or pet cause. It may be saving the whales, ending childhood hunger or curing cancer. Whatever it is, let her choose the charitable organization that will receive the gift.

Step 5

Buy online. Purchasing items with your computer and having them shipped to your door is best. This method of purchasing contributes far less carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than driving around to various shops. Navigating the information superhighway is also a lot less frustrating than fighting holiday traffic. While you're shopping, look for companies which ship with recycled packaging.

Step 6

Browse for green gadgets. Look for anything that is solar powered or comes with a solar charger. Look at solar calculators, solar flashlights and solar radios. Also look for rechargeable batteries and battery chargers. Cell phones, MP3 players and iPods also make nice gifts for the environmentalist since they use so little power.

Step 7

Look for green gardening supplies for the organic gardener. Purchase a compost bin and supplies if you know she composts. Also browse garden supplies made from recycled and renewable materials. Browse seedlings which have been grown organically.

Step 8

Browse for items that will help your recipient to reduce her energy consumption. These include compact fluorescent light bulbs and Energy Star appliances. Arrange small items in an attractive gift basket with green gifts such as a recycled coffee mug, a picture frame made from reclaimed wood, a cloth grocery bag and organic soap.

Tips and Warnings

Wrap your gift in a tablecloth, cloth napkin or scarf instead of paper. Don't forget to recycle the package the gift arrives in.

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