How to Choose Christmas Gifts for a Sci-Fi Fanatic

Few fans are more loyal than science fiction enthusiasts. While some may veer toward a particular science fiction show or direction, others just appreciate the genre across the board. Either way, it is relatively easy to find a Christmas gift for a sci-fi fan. All it takes is a bit of imagination and some time to spend on the net to locate just the right piece.


Step 1

Put together a movie basket of favorite science fiction films. Go for the oldies like “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” “The 27th Day” or “Invaders from Mars,” or opt for new classics like “Independence Day,” “I Robot” or “Men in Black.” Another option is to choose documentary style films like "From the Earth to the Moon" or "Phoenix Lights." Add in some popcorn with fun toppings like Parmesan cheese, caramel or movie butter. You control the cost depending upon the items chosen for the basket.

Step 2

Give him some models to put together. Choose designs from his favorite science fiction shows like “Star Trek” or “Star Wars.” It may take hours to put together the highly detailed “Enterprise” starship, but it will be hours that any science fiction enthusiast will cherish for years to come. Model prices vary depending upon their size and materials. Purchased from local shops, they will average around $19.99 each (see Resources below).

Step 3

Present him with some puzzles of scenes from simulated planets or science fiction stories. These stunning and vibrant-colored choices range in size from around 14 by 18 inches to 20 by 36 inches. They come in standard rectangular shapes, circles and three-dimensional alternatives. Puzzles can be purchased at some toy and discount stores as well as science specialty boutiques and hobby stores. They retail for between $9.99 and $59.99.

Step 4

Buy a robot. Scientifics Online offers a variety of robotic choices. There is one to suit almost any price range. From those that resemble the robots of old science fiction movies to more sophisticated-looking models, bugs and more, this site offers them all. Prices range between $9.95 and $99.95 (see Resources below).

Step 5

Design a shirt for him with signs and symbols that are typically part of his favorite science fiction show. From “Babylon Five” to “Soylent Green,” there is something to suit almost any science fiction fan’s interest. The cost averages under $20 (see Resources below).

Step 6

Gift him with the science fiction version of a tree. Lumen Oil Lamps, invented by an artist named Adam Frank, may represent the trees of a post apocalyptic science fiction world. The lamp casts a shadow from a small, stainless tree onto any blank wall service. As the flame flickers, the tree seems to shudder in the breeze. These modernistic trees come in several models including cedar, magnolia, and pine. From Uncommon Goods, the lamps range in price from $5 to just under $50 (see Resources below).

Step 7

Put together a gift bag of science fiction novels and/or comic books. Many comic lines like Superman and Spiderman now have compiled graphic novels that only cost a song at just under $10. Novels can be purchased in either soft back or hard back styles and range in price from $9.99 to just under $30. Place everything in a recycling tote bag and throw in some bookmarks for good measure.

Step 8

Give him a dictionary of science fiction words from Amazon. "The Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction Terms" comes in hardback form for under $20 (see Resources below).

Step 9

Buy him science fiction collectibles like figures, light sabers, ray guns and more. Models are available for both children and adults and vary in cost depending upon the materials used. Look at the Sci-Fi Channel’s Shop or try Sci-Fi Collectibles online (see Resources below).

Step 10

Choose some of the coolest sci-fi clothing ever made at Zazzle. From shirts to shoes, the online site has something for just about everyone. Costs begin around $19.99 (see Resources below).

Tips and Warnings

Personalize gifts toward the sci-fi fanatics area of interest. There are lots of options, no matter the type or show. Make the wrapping match the "feel" of the gift. Use unusual wrapping from a futuristic point of view. Include a card with a personal hand written note with each gift. Deliver the gift yourself whether than just having it dropped off or delivered. Stay away from gifts with a religious connotation.

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