How to Make Fresh Snow Ice Cream

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How much fun it was as a kid to let those fresh snowflakes fall into our mouths and melt on our tongues? Here is a fun and tasty idea for spending a snow day making snow ice cream. Kids of all ages will love making and eating this wintry treat. Set out bowls, spoons and ingredients and let everyone make their own delectable ice cream.


Step 1

Collect about 1 gallon of fresh, clean snow in a bucket. You can set the bucket outside to collect the snow as it falls.

Step 2

Stir in 1/2 cup sugar and 2 tsp. vanilla.

Step 3

Add 1 cup of milk or Half & Half until the mixture is of the desired consistency.

Step 4

For extra flavor, add in 1 cup chocolate chips or 1 cup unsweetened coconut.

Tips and Warnings

You can substitute other extracts such as almond, rum or orange. Let each person catch snow in her own bowl and add ingredients to make her own special ice cream. Be sure your snow is clean.

Things You'll Need

Bucket, 1/2 cup white sugar, 2 tsp. vanilla extract, 1 cup milk or half & half

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