How to Make a Santa Napkin Holder

How to Make a Santa Napkin Holder

Santa napkin holders fix up your place settings for that festive feel when holiday entertaining. The design adds Christmas cheer to your table that both children and adults will appreciate. Share the idea with friends at a craft meeting or have your kids help you make them as a family craft. Dress it up with your own special touches, like glitter or name tags.


Step 1

Trace the pattern (shown in image above) onto cardboard and cut out.

Step 2

Trace the pattern onto each piece of white felt and cut out.

Step 3

Cut out a rectangle about 1/2-inch by 1-inch for the face.

Step 4

Cut out a piece of pink felt double the size of the rectangle cut out for the face. Glue it onto the back of the white felt.

Step 5

Arrange the wiggly eyes onto the pink felt and glue down.

Step 6

Take the red pom pom ball and glue onto the pink felt below the eyes for the nose.

Step 7

Take the “arms” and fold them back until they meet each other and glue together.

Step 8

Fold a red napkin (or another color of choice) and place inside the Santa beard and place in the center of the plate.

Things You'll Need

Cardboard, White felt, 6- by 8-inches for each Santa, Pink felt, Wiggly eyes, Red small pom pom balls

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