How to Make Christmas Candle Rings

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Jazz up your Christmas candles with these beautiful pine rings. These candle rings can be made for any size candle and even a beginner can make this project like a pro. You will get compliments from all your visitors on how wonderful you Christmas candles look. This project is so inexpensive that you can make the rings in pairs and make extras to give away as gifts.


Step 1

Select a pine garland that has a wire running through it. Wrap it around the base of the candle that you want to make the ring for. Add on an inch and cut it. Twist the wire together to form your circle. You can also form it into a square if you are putting it around a square candle or candle holder.

Step 2

Glue on some pine cones. The size of the pine cones will depend on the size of your ring. You can find tiny pine cones for taper candles and use normal sized for a three wick pillar candle.

Step 3

Glue on three or four poinsettia flowers. You only need the actual flower and no stem. If you have some on stems, pull them off and glue just the flower so that it faces out and slightly upwards. You can find these flowers in various sizes also, depending on the size ring you are making.

Step 4

Place a drop of glue on the hanger end of a tiny glass ball and stick it into the arrangement. You can use all different colors or pick one or two that you like together. Red and gold look good on these rings. Glue them on in clusters of three unless you are doing rings for tapers. For tapers, put three around the ring.

Tips and Warnings

On larger rings you can add other embellishments if you like.

Things You'll Need

Pine garland, Pine cones, Poinsettia flowers, Tiny glass Christmas balls, Hot glue gun, Glue sticks, Wire cutters

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