How to Make a Christmas Tree From a Book

You may learn how to make a Christmas tree from a book by having a few simple items in your home. You can easily make this clever Christmas decoration from an old phone book, a Readers Digest or any other similar, thick paper back book.


Step 1

Gather one or more old telephone books or Reader's Digests. Take the book and turn it to the back cover. Fold the top right corner of the back cover to the center of the book. The fold should look sharp and pressed. There should be a point that has been made from doing this. Continue this process with each of the pages in the book, as well as the front cover.

Step 2

Be sure to check for even folding throughout so that the shape of the tree is even all the way around. Using the three paper clips, clip the front cover to the back cover at the top, middle and bottom. The book should have the shape of a full tree.

Step 3

Place the tree shaped book on a piece of butcher paper or old newspaper outside. Spray paint the tree in a calm, wind free area with your choice of holiday paint color. Many individuals spray the tree green, followed by light zig zags of gold or white on top.

Step 4

Let the newly painted tree dry for approximately 30 minutes. The more paint that is sprayed onto the tree, the longer the drying time will be. If more than one color is used, allow for a couple of hours for thorough drying before touching or moving the tree.

Step 5

Draw and cut a 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 star from the cardboard or poster board . Spray paint the star a contrasting color to the base color of the tree.

Step 6

Let the star dry for 15 minutes.

Step 7

Place a drop of glue on one of the points of the star and gently glue it to the top of the tree. A slight pinch of the glued point to the top of the tree will help in securing the star to the top of the tree.

Step 8

Place the newly created Christmas tree on the center of a table or other highly visible place so that your home made holiday decoration can be available for all to see.

Tips and Warnings

Use spray paint sparingly as it can cause drips. Use a sideways motion when spraying the tree so that an even distribution of paint is made around the project. Instead of turning the tree as it is sprayed, you can walk around the tree and spay it. Spray the tree and its star in old clothing so that your clothes do not get ruined from the paint being used. Tape the butcher paper or old newspaper in place to cover the surface you will be spraying. Make sure the entire surface is protected. Keep spray paint out of your eyes. Children should be supervised if they begin this project. Use non-toxic glue only to glue the star to the top of the tree.

Things You'll Need

An old telephone book or an old Reader's Digest, Spray paint in green, gold, or white, Three medium to large paper clips, 1 small thin piece of cardboard or poster board, Old butcher's paper or newspaper, Scissors, Pencil, Non-toxic craft glue
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