How to Make Evergreen Swags

Evergreen swags draped over doors or around windows bring Christmas cheer to any home. These delightful groupings of evergreens are easy to make and can be tailored to any size or to fit your individual decorating style. These make excellent gifts and are sure to bring the holiday spirit to any home.


Step 1

Gather a variety of evergreen boughs. The type you choose will depend on those available in your area and your personal taste. You may choose to use all one type of bough or layer the swag with several types. Place the boughs in a large basket for easy access when making swags.

Step 2

Create a simple swag in minutes by gathering varying lengths of boughs. Place several sections of the longest boughs on a flat surface. Arrange them so that they fan out at the bottom. Arrange shorter boughs on top of them. Secure the stems with wreath wire. Add a large bow to the top to conceal the ends. Add cones or other decorative items by wiring them with wreath wire leaving a six inch section for attaching. Wire the items to the branches of the swag. Display on the front door or over the fireplace.

Step 3

Make longer swags to drape over windows or doorways by gathering 12 to 15 inch sections of evergreen boughs. Grasp a small bundle of boughs and wire them together at the stems. The amount you choose will determine the thickness of the finished project. Grasp a similar size group of boughs and lay them on top of the first bundle so that the growing tips of the boughs overlap the first bundle by 6 to 8 inches. Wrap with wire at the point where the stems from the first bundle meet the second. Continue to add bundles of evergreens and wire in place until you get the length you desire. Decorate with cones or other decorative items as desired. Add brightly colored bows and display draped over windows and doors.

Step 4

Assemble a swag with sprays of evergreen on both ends by creating two separate bundles of evergreens and wiring them together. Gather several evergreen boughs, slightly longer than the desired finished swag, to form one side of the spray. Layer with smaller boughs on top and wire the stems so the evergreens fan out slightly. Repeat for the other half of the swag. Overlap the wired stems so that the growing tips face in opposite directions and wire the two sections together. Add a big bow to conceal the wired ends and decorate with a variety of cones and ornaments. Display on a wall or over the doorway.

Things You'll Need

Evergreen boughs, Wreath or floral wire, Cones, Ornaments, Decorative items, Ribbon

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