How to Make Holiday Flowerpot Bells

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This unique garden ornament makes a simple, rustic statement that sounds beautiful and looks lovely and innovative in a garden. Your neighbors will admire your whimsy and your creative use of small flower pots, while any artists in the group will wish they had thought of your "silver bells" first. Make an unusual holiday statement about your love of gardening or give these sweet sounding bells to the green thumb in your life.


Step 1

Cut out a cardboard circle for each flower pot. Trace the bottom of each flowerpot onto the cardboard. Use scissors to cut out the circles and to make 2 small slits in the center of each cardboard circle.

Step 2

Thread a length of holiday ribbon through each cardboard circle. Leave enough ribbon on each end that you can tie off the end on the cardboard circle side and still have enough to allow the bells to dangle at different lengths. If you are not comfortable with just a knot holding the ribbon to the cardboard, then reinforce it with glue.

Step 3

Spray paint the flowerpots silver. Do this either outside or in a well ventilated area. Spray both the inside and the outside of the pots. Also, be sure to spray the bottom since the pots will be hanging upside down when you are done.

Step 4

Decorate the silver pots with Christmas or winter images. Use the acrylic paints and freehand the decorations, or use stencils if you prefer.

Step 5

Glue a jingle bell on a string to the underside of each cardboard circle. This is the side that does not have the ribbon knot on it. The jingle bell's string should be just long enough to hang a little bit out of the flowerpot when the project is complete.

Step 6

Suspend the flower pots upside down using the cardboard circles. Place the cardboard circle in the pot, then pull the ribbon through the hole in the bottom of the pot. The pot will hang upside down and the jingle bell will look like a clapper.

Step 7

Knot all the "silver bells" together with a big bow. You can simply knot all the holiday ribbon ends together or you can use the thick velvet ribbon to hold the bells in a cluster. They should hang at slightly different lengths so that you appear to have a chain of bells. The more flower pots you add to the project, the larger and longer your decoration will become.

Tips and Warnings

Use thick cardboard and plenty of glue to make sure that your ornament holds up.

Things You'll Need

Terracotta flowerpots (not more than 5 inches in diameter), Acrylic paints, Holiday ribbon, Large jingle bells (at least 1-inch diameter), Cardboard, Scissors, Pencil, Silver spray paint, Hot glue gun, Thick, red velvet ribbon

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