How to Make Christmas Decor From Eggs

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Eggs are not just for Easter décor: they also make awesome Christmas ornaments. All you need are a few simple supplies and little imagination to make Christmas décor from eggs. You not only end up with some priceless ornaments, but you also get an omelet at the end of your creation process.


Step 1

Prepare your eggs. Poke a small hole on either end of the egg with a sharp pin. Jostle the sharp end of the pin inside the egg to break up the yolk. Blow the egg innards out the bottom hole by placing your mouth around the top hole. Collect all egg innards in a bowl and set aside. Rinse the egg shell by running water through it.

Step 2

Color the eggs. Use a few drops of egg dye or food coloring mixed in a bowl of water. Float the eggs, turning often, for deeper colors. Swirl them quickly for lighter hues. Green and reds are givens here.

Step 3

Draw a picture. Once your egg’s base color is applied and dried, use paint pens to draw Santa, a snowman, an angel or other Christmas-oriented illustrations. Be careful not to press too hard and break the shell. Be gentle.

Step 4

Add adornments. Use a craft glue to secure any adornments. Nice holiday options include little, metallic stars, fake fur, lace, metallic ribbon and glitter.

Step 5

Hook up the hanger. Take a small piece of fabric ribbon, about 2 inches or so, and tie into a loop. Glue the knotted end onto the egg shell with your craft glue. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 6

Hang strategically. The strategy in this step is making sure the eggs are hung where they won’t get bumped, punched or rammed into. High on a Christmas tree is good, as is on garland around the ceiling corners. You can also use fishing line to hang several eggs from the ceiling in a glorious bouquet.

Step 7

Whip up a giant omelet. Take the egg innards you set aside and make an omelet for the whole family. Add a dash of festivity by using green and red peppers to give it that Christmas color look.

Tips and Warnings

Refrigerate the egg innards so they keep while you are making the egg décor.

Things You'll Need

Eggs, Egg dye or food coloring, Paint pens, Glue, Ribbon, Sharp pin, Glitter, lace and other festive adornments, Bowl, spatula and omelet seasonings

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Photo by: Photo and artwork by Ryn Gargulinski

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