How to Decorate a Christmas Tree in Rustic Decor

Decorating a Christmas tree usually involves the need for purchasing a new stock of ornaments specific to the theme of the tree. It is possible that by decorating in rustic design, you will not have to purchase new ornaments, because most things can be found right in your own back yard. Rustic ornaments will give your Christmas tree a feel of the outdoors.


Step 1

Arrange lights. The idea of a rustic Christmas tree is to bring nature inside. Choose white lights to display in this particular tree because white lights are reminiscent of the stars in the sky.

Step 2

Make stick stars. Gather small sticks from the yard. Sticks should be between 3 to 6 inches and no bigger that 1/4-inch in diameter. On a flat surface, arrange the sticks according to size. Take sticks that are similar in size and hot glue them together to form a star shape. Loop a narrow ribbon around the top to use for the hanger.

Step 3

Create fillers. If you find small branches in the yard with dried leaves still attached, use those as fillers to stick into the gaps of your tree. Clean the leaves carefully and lightly dust them with spray snow. Place the branches randomly throughout the tree.

Step 4

Collect pine cones. Display a collection of pine cones as ornaments on the tree. You can either choose to the dust them with spray snow or with iridescent glitter or hang them naturally around the tree.

Step 5

Make snow balls. Create snow balls by using small Styrofoam balls. To add rustic charm to the snow balls, wrap twine around the center of the ball and secure with hot glue. To create a hanger for the snowball, make a loop with a piece of the twine and hot glue it into place at the top of the ball.

Tips and Warnings

The idea of a rustic tree is to keep it simple. Do not over load the tree with a variety of ornaments. When spraying artificial snow on to ornaments, spray outdoors or in an area that is covered to protect your flooring or furniture.

Things You'll Need

Christmas tree (real or artificial), Hot glue gun, White lights, Small sticks, Narrow ribbon, Branches with leaves, Pine cones, Spray snow, Iridescent glitter (optional), Small Styrofoam balls, Twine

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