How to Make a Cinnamon Stick Reindeer Ornament

Cinnamon sticks and pine cones make a delightful potpourri as well as a cute and clever reindeer image by

This whimsical reindeer looks adorable hanging on your tree or standing in a herd on your mantle. The pine cones and cinnamon smell delicious and add a natural look to your decor. You can make this holiday fellow with items that you probably already have around the house and the whole family can enjoy making a herd of these reindeer together.


Step 1

Glue the eyes and the red pompom onto the small pine cone. The flat part of the pine cone will be the back of the reindeer's head. The pointed end will be his nose.

Step 2

Bend the pipe cleaners into a V shape and form antlers. The antlers should be wiggly and have points like real reindeer antlers.

Step 3

Stick the pipe cleaners in between the petals on the top of the pine cone.They will stick up from the top of the reindeer's head like antlers.

Step 4

Glue four cinnamon sticks to the large pine cone. The pine cone should be able to stand on the cinnamon sticks so that it looks like they are legs and the large pine cone is the body. The pointed end of the pine cone will be the reindeer tail and the flat end will be the end that has the head.

Step 5

Glue the small pine cone to the top of the large one. Use plenty of glue to make sure that it sticks.You can glue it so that the reindeer is looking forward or so that he has his head turned to one side.

Step 6

Tie a red ribbon bow around the reindeer's neck. It does not need to be too tight. It should have long tails, and the bow should be large and fluffy. Now your reindeer is ready to head out into the Christmas Eve night.

Tips and Warnings

Be careful when handling the hot glue gun, as melted hot glue can cause serious burns.

Things You'll Need

Large pine cone, Small pine cone, Red pompom, Hot glue gun, 4 cinnamon sticks, 2 gold pipe cleaners, 2 wiggly eyes, Red silk or satin ribbon

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