How to Sew a Countdown-to-Christmas Calendar

How to Sew a Countdown-to-Christmas Calendar

Counting down to Christmas is an old time tradition that is still a favorite of children and adults alike. This is a great calendar piece that can easily be made by adults or children and allows them to decorate the tree as it gets closer to Christmas.


Step 1

Take the fabric of your choice and fold over and stitch at the top, allowing room to slip a dowel rod through. For a more polished look, first hem the entire rectangle edges before creating the slip slot for the dowel rod.

Step 2

Cut out a Christmas tree out of a green fabric or felt, and then stitch around the edges to attach it to the back piece.

Step 3

Place four red strips on the bottom of the calendar, leaving ½ inch between each.

Step 4

Stitch across the bottom of each and then down the sides.

Step 5

Then divide the strips into six even sections and stitch down, making 24 pockets.

Step 6

Place the numbers 1 through 24 on the pockets. The easiest method is to glue the felt numbers onto the pockets.

Step 7

Glue gold or silver tinsel or beading onto the tree in a diagonal pattern.

Step 8

Make the ornaments out of the felt or scrap fabric. Make one for each day. Keep in mind they will be in the pocket so keep them on the smaller side. Then place them in the pockets.

Step 9

Tie a gold braid to each end of the dowel to hang up the calendar.

Step 10

Use pins with colored heads to attach the ornaments to the tree.

Tips and Warnings

Add more decorations and special touches that show its for your family. It also allows the children to contribute and have fun.

Things You'll Need

15-inch-by-24-inch background fabric, Scrap fabric or felt, Thread, Sewing machine, Dowel rod, Glue, Gold braid

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