How to Decorate Your Windows For Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful season that includes putting up beautiful decorations around your home. One spot that you shouldn’t miss decorating is your windows. Window decorations can greet guests as they arrive and strangers will see them from the street. It’s also nice to come home after a long day at work and see decorated windows as you approach your home. Christmas decorations have a great way of putting a smile on the face of everyone who sees them.


Step 1

Use Christmas wrapping paper. You can use it to border the inside of the windows and have the pattern facing out. To adjust it so the white part of the paper doesn’t face into the room, you can also border the inside of the windows and have the pattern facing in as well.

Step 2

Window clings work perfectly for any windows. There are so many types that it may be hard to choose. Best of all, they are usually inexpensive. Make sure that the inside of the windows are clean before you place them on, otherwise they will fall off.

Step 3

Consider using an LED-bead garland. It will usually work for a long time and will light up your windows beautifully. You can use red or green or white to add an extra special feeling to your home.

Step 4

Decorate with Christmas cards that you receive. Every time you get a new card, put it in a window. They will add a nice touch to your home and those that sent you the card will be happy to see it in your window as they come to your home.

Step 5

Make your own Christmas scene. Pick up some colored paper from the craft store. Create your own Christmas village by making a paper gingerbread house, tree, snowflakes and even a few animals. If you aren’t so great at drawing the shapes. you can also pick up a few stencils from the craft store. After you have drawn the pieces, adhere the village onto the window. Make sure that they face out so everyone can see your beautiful work.

Step 6

Make your own fake poinsettia wreath. Buy a foam circle from a craft store, or even some dollar stores now carry them. Also buy a few fake poinsettia bouquets. Simply cut the poinsettias and hot glue them onto the foam circle. After you have completely covered the circle in the fake poinsettias, hang it in your windows.

Tips and Warnings

Don’t overdo it with the decorations; sometimes simple is better. If you have too much it could look incredibly cluttered and messy.

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