How to Make a Shrinky Dink Poinsettia Plant

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Poinsettias are an excellent plant to study in science class. Students should be taught how to classify this plant and then warned about its dangers. Poinsettias can actually make cats and babies sick if they eat any of the leaves. After learning about the poinsettia, students can create a harmless poinsettia out of Shrinky Dink paper. This poinsettia will start out big, but will end up half of the size. Poinsettias are also symbols used at Christmas time.


Step 1

Go online and buy a package of Shrinky Dink sheets. There is a link to the Shrinky Dink online store below this article. You can check your local crafts stores first, but many of them don't carry Shrinky Dink paper.

Step 2

Remove a Shrinky Dink sheet and place it rough side up. Lay the smooth side against your desk.

Step 3

Use a red pencil crayon to draw an outline of a poinsettia. If you are not sure how to draw a poinsettia, you can place a picture of a poinsettia underneath your Shrinky Dink paper. Then just trace it. The paper is clear, so you will be able to trace the poinsettia with ease.

Step 4

Color the poinsettia in with your pencil crayons. You will mostly use the red and green pencil crayons. If you want you can add some yellow circles in the middle.

Step 5

Cut out the poinsettia with your scissors. Make sure you leave a clear space all the way around. This allows some room for the shrinkage.

Step 6

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.

Step 7

Place the Shrinky Dink poinsettia color side up on the cookie sheet.

Step 8

Place the Shrinky Dink poinsettia in the oven for 60seconds and remove.

Step 9

Allow to cool and then use.

Tips and Warnings

Use a hole puncher to punch a hole in the top of the poinsettia. Slide a string through the hole and wear as a necklace or hang from a Christmas tree. Place a magnet strip on the back of the poinsettia and stick on the refrigerator. Keep a close eye on the poinsettia in the oven. It can burn in a matter of seconds.

Things You'll Need

Shrinky Dink sheets, Cookie sheet, Oven, Pencil crayons, Scissors

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Photo by: Tom Fawls

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