How to Make Tiny Tussies for a Christmas Tree

Tiny tussies are a simple and beautiful way to decorate your Christmas tree. These sweet, Victorian-inspired ornaments are whimsical and elegant. Each one is like a tiny bouquet hanging from the tree. You can fill your tussie with tiny rosebuds, lavender sprigs, rosemary, marigold buds, or baby's breath. The types of arrangements you make are limited only by your imagination. Enlist the family to help make the tiny tussies and create a new holiday tradition.


Step 1

Prepare the base. Cut the polymer foam into a circle with a diameter of 2 inches. Cut a 4 inch piece of florist's wire and bend it so that it has sides of equal length. Push the sides through the center of the polymer foam's top. This forms what will be the handle on the bottom of the tussie.

Step 2

Add the flowers. Holding the base, push the flowers' stems gently through the top of the polymer foam. Arrange the flowers so they look like a tiny bouquet. Point the stems at an angle when pushing them through the polymer foam. Roses, lavender and marigolds are great centerpieces for your tussie. It's up to your imagination. Make sure the flowers are small. Buds work best.

Step 3

Add decoration. You can add filler and decoration to your tussie with whole cloves, baby's breath, fern leaves, and rosemary. Push the stems through the foam or glue them to the top. Glue the cloves last. They will be accent pieces.

Step 4

Add a ruffle. Using a small piece of lace, wrap it around the edge of the tussie to ensure proper fit. Next, glue it to the edge. Wait for the glue to dry.

Step 5

Wrap the base. Gently hold the base of the tussie with one hand and wrap the florist's wire and flower stems with the floral tape.

Step 6

Make a bow. Using a thin ribbon, make a tiny bow and tie it around the top of the base. The bow will peek from underneath the tussie.

Step 7

Add a hanger. Cut a piece of strong thread. Loop it so that it creates a hanger for the tussie. Glue to hanger to the top of the ornament.

Tips and Warnings

Polymer foam is what is used for packing meat. Clean it well and recycle it by making these decorations.

Things You'll Need

Polymer Foam, Scissors, Florist's Wire, Dried Flowers, Baby's Breath, Whole Cloves, Rosemary, Fern Leaves, Lace, Floral Tape, Ribbon, Thread

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