How to Make Pine Cone Christmas Ornaments

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Christmas is one of the best holidays for craft-making. There are just so many opportunities to do something creative and get into that jolly holiday spirit. Making some of your own ornaments gives your tree a personality that you just can't get with all store-bought decorations. Decorated pine cones are a cheap, easy way to give your tree a homier touch. Unleash your creativity and turn simple forest pine cones into truly stunning Christmas ornaments.


Step 1

Prepare your work station. Lay down paper towels, put on smocks and set out a bowl of water for rinsing your brushes between paint colors. Gather your paints, glitter, sequins, beads or whatever else you'll be using to decorate your pine cones. If you'll be using a glue gun to glue decorations to your pine cones, plug it in and let it preheat.

Step 2

Use a sharp poking instrument, like an ice pick, to poke through the tops of each pine cone. The hole doesn't have to be big, just large enough for you to be able to string the pine cones later.

Step 3

Decorate your pine cones. Use whatever materials best express your personal sense of style. Paints, glitter, sequins and beads are all great ideas for decorating your pine cones, but they are by no means the only or best ways to decorate them. Get creative and have a blast doing it!

Step 4

Spray your pine cones with a layer of clear polyurethane to preserve them and keep them protected. Spray in a well-ventilated area and allow to dry.

Step 5

String your ornaments with ribbon, wire, hemp, yarn or whatever you like best. Your ornaments are ready to hang on your Christmas tree.

Tips and Warnings

Make things easy on yourself by picking up a package or two of pine cone ornaments from your local dollar store. They're pre-strung so you don't have to worry about poking any holes. Since you're not exactly painting the Mona Lisa you don't have to use professional paint brushes. Pick up a pack of ten or more from your local dollar store. If you decide to collect your own pine cones you'll need to poke a hole to string them. This can be dangerous and should only be done by an adult or under direct adult supervision.

Things You'll Need

12 pine cones, any size, Ice pick or other sharp object for poking, Ribbon, string or yarn, Paints, glitter, sequins, beads, etc., Glue gun (optional), Glue sticks (optional), Paint brushes, Paper towels, Bowl of water for rinsing brushes, Clear polyurethane spray

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Photo by: John Sparky

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