How to Make a Holiday Bird Nest

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This sweet bird nest makes a great winter or holiday centerpiece. Decorate your table with a feathered friend that will not fly away and bring a little snow-kissed season inside. This craft is simple and fast to make, and you should not need more than about 30 minutes to complete the entire craft and be ready to display your creation.


Step 1

Brush the tips of the pinecones' petals with the white glitter glue. This will make them appear to be brushed with snow without detracting from the overall natural look of your artwork. While the glitter glue dries, you can work on other parts of your bird nest.

Step 2

Glue the tree branch across the top of the nest. Use a fair amount of glue so that it will stay securely. You should not use a real bird nest for this project, as it may contain lice or other pests that you do not want in your home. Instead, purchase the nest from a hobby or craft store.

Step 3

Fill the nest with cotton balls. You can simply place the balls in the nest, or use a spot of hot glue to secure them in place. As you are filling the nest, pull the cotton balls slightly apart so that they are not so perfectly and evenly shaped.

Step 4

Glue the bird to the branch. Use a lot of glue. Don't worry if it is visible under the bird's feet, because these will probably not be visible when you are done decorating the nest anyway.

Step 5

Fill the rest of the nest with the pinecones, evergreen and holly. Keep out a sprig or two of holly. Glue everything in place with small spots of glue, but make sure you like the arrangement before you start gluing.

Step 6

Tie the ribbon around the extra sprigs of holly. You can decorate these pieces of holly with a little glitter glue if you want. Make sure that the ribbon is in a nice, tight bow.

Step 7

Glue the beribboned holly to the top of the nest where it will be easy to see. Now, all you have to do is decide where to put your beautiful little holiday bird nest.

Tips and Warnings

You can make a pretty centerpiece by adding a few candles and larger pinecones around the nest.

Things You'll Need

4-inch false bird nest, Small novelty bird, White glitter glue, Cotton balls, Hot glue gun, Small pine cones, Evergreen sprigs, Holly berry sprigs, Thin holiday ribbon, Small, thin tree branch (real or artificial)

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