How to Make a Silver Pine Cone Garland

This silver pine cone garland is ideal for a romantic tree decorated with white lace and and natural ornaments. It makes a striking display among evergreens above a mantle or simply draped over an archway. This project makes a gift that will last a lifetime.


Step 1

Select a variety of cones. Avoid elongated cones as short compact cones work best. Examine cones for any signs of insect damage. Choose well-shaped cones that are free of imperfections. Wipe clean with a soft cloth and allow to dry completely.

Step 2

Gather a variety of large seedpods that are native to your area or purchase some at the craft store. Gumballs are especially attractive and are readily available in craft stores. Choose large well-formed nuts; walnuts are a good choice. Avoid small nuts, like acorns, unless you choose to make a garland from a variety of small items.

Step 3

Drill a 1/8-inch hole through the center of each cone or nut, cone or seedpod. Thread a section of fishing line onto a large needle. The supplies listed will make a 10-foot garland, but you may wish to make two 5-foot garlands for easier handling. Select a length that will meet your needs.

Step 4

Thread a cone onto the fishing line and push it to the end of the line leaving 5 inches of line at the end. Tie the loose end around the cone to secure tightly. Alternate between cones, nuts and seedpods in a pattern that appeals to you. Continue to string cones and nuts until the garland is completed. Tie the loose end around the last cone to secure tightly.

Step 5

Spray paint the entire garland silver, being sure to turn the cones as you work to cover all areas with silver paint. Add a touch of glitter by spraying the garland with a light coat of glitter spray once it has dried, if preferred. Allow to dry completely and drape over the tree or display over the mantle amid evergreen boughs.

Tips and Warnings

Consider creating a miniature garland from small cones and nuts to adorn small spaces or to hang on a small tree. Display garland around door and windows. Spray a pine cone garland with gold spray paint and display with lighted candles. For a more natural look, spray the garland with clear acrylic finish to bring out the natural hues of the cones and nuts. Always work in a well-ventilated area when using spray paint.

Things You'll Need

40 to 50 pine cones, 20 to 30 nuts, 12 seedpods , Fish line (heavy weight), Large needle, Drill, Silver metallic spray paint

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