How to Make a Winter Bouquet

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In winter, when the leaves have fallen off the trees, things can seem bleak. Still, there are many flowers and plants which thrive in winter. If you'd like to decorate your home with a bouquet at Christmastime, you'll have plenty to choose from. By using a combination of winter flowers and foliage, you can create an attractive arrangement that can serve as a centerpiece for your holiday table, adorn a window or brighten a corner of a room.


Step 1

Get a vase which works with your Christmas decor. For example, look for vases with designs such as snowflakes, stars, poinsettias, Christmas trees, evergreen garlands, snowmen and stockings. Favor vases in colors of red, green or gold. For a centerpiece, get a large vase with a wide opening.

Step 2

Cut a piece of floral foam to fit inside of the vase. Soak the floral foam in water with a floral preservative for about 30 minutes. Carefully wedge the foam inside the vase. Make any additional cuts that are needed to prevent it from protruding from the opening.

Step 3

Select some winter flowers. Favor hardy flowers such as daffodils, lilies, irises, birds-of-paradise, carnations, chrysanthemums and tulips. Delicate flowers such as orchids and roses are an option, but will wilt faster and require more care. Coordinate the color of your bouquet. For example, if you find some red flowers that you want to use, work in other varieties of red flowers, as well. Then work in some white, pink and purple flowers. Coordinate yellow flowers with colors such as white, orange and red.

Step 4

Use floral clippers to trim all the stems at least 1 inch on a diagonal angle. Begin inserting the flowers into the foam. Place large flowers toward the center and bunch smaller flowers together around the outer edge of the bouquet to prevent them from becoming lost in the fold.

Step 5

Add some foliage to your bouquet. Select evergreen boughs such as balsam, pine and cedar. Also consider eucalyptus for your winter bouquet. Holly also makes a lovely addition. However, don't use holly if you have small children or pets, as it's poisonous. Either insert the greens into the floral foam on the outer periphery of the flower arrangement, or intersperse them evenly with the flowers.

Step 6

Work in some delicate, pale flowers such as baby's breath and Queen Anne's lace. Place them evenly at intervals throughout the bouquet.

Step 7

Water your winter bouquet daily. The amount of water you should use varies based on the size of the vase and the bouquet. The foam should be wet to the touch but not soaking.

Tips and Warnings

Don't use floral foam if using a clear glass or crystalline vase. Don't over water your winter bouquet.

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