How to Draw a Christmas Tree

O, Christmas Tree! image by Illustration by Ryn Gargulinski

People sing “O, Christmas Tree,” for a reason--because Christmas trees are cool. They are also incredibly quick and easy to illustrate. You can draw a Christmas tree quicker than you can rip open all your presents. Because of the wide array of options for tree toppers and ornaments, you can also make your tree as unique as you are. A few simple steps will help you draw a Christmas tree that will have everyone wanting to break into song.


Step 1

Start with the top. Perhaps you want the top centerpiece to be a star. You can also draw an angel, random round object or anything else you think should be the focal point of the tree. Make sure to draw this item high enough up so you have room to create the rest of the tree below.

Step 2

Branch out. Starting at one bottom edge of your top piece, take your pen jaggedly down one side to the base. Move your pen across the base and up another jagged side. End up at the other bottom edge of your top piece. You should have created a tree-like triangle.

Step 3

Give it a trunk and skirt the issue. Make a rectangle at the bottom center of your triangle tree. Draw an oblong shape around the base of your triangle for the tree’s skirt.

Step 4

Decorate. Draw circles, squares, stars, diamonds or any other shapes you want hanging out as ornaments on your Christmas tree.

Step 5

Detail. Take a thinner pen than the one you’ve been using to fill in the décor. Draw swirly lines in the trunk to mimic wood. Illustrate your hanging and top ornaments with lines, spirals and little smiley faces. Add polka dots or another fun pattern to the tree skirt.

Tips and Warnings

If you’d rather draw a Christmas tree that has not been chopped down yet, skip the tree skirt. Draw thin triangular shapes coming off the base of the trunk to illustrate the roots grabbing into the ground. Those who really want to go all out can also color both the tree and the ornaments. Since it's pretty obvious the thing is a Christmas tree, feel free to use strange colors, like bright purple, to color it in.

Things You'll Need

Pen or other drawing instrument, Paper, Paint pens or colored markers (optional)

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Photo by: Illustration by Ryn Gargulinski

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