How to Make Christmas Ornaments From Clay

Christmas is an exciting and joyful time. For this season to be even more special, how about making your own Christmas ornaments? These homemade and handcrafted clay ornaments can be hung to add beauty and creativity to your Christmas tree, or strung around your home for holiday decorations. This is a fun and easy project the whole family can get involved with.


Step 1

Roll out the clay with a rolling pin. You can choose from several different clay options. Modeling clay won’t harden enough but is good for children to practice with. Air-dry clay will dry on its own but it takes 24 hours and polymer clay is the best but needs to dried with heat, like in an oven.

Step 2

Press a cookie cutter into the clay. Use whichever shape you want.

Step 3

Use a toothpick to poke a hole in the shaped clay. The hole needs to be about 1/4 from the top of the ornament. It also needs to be big enough for a ribbon to go through it. Be sure to make the hole while the clay is still soft, because once it dries it will be too hard.

Step 4

Place soft clay ornaments on a cookie sheet and set somewhere out of the way so they can dry. It will take about 24 hours to completely dry air-dry clay ornaments.

Step 5

Paint the ornaments in the colors of your choice. There are any number of colors for you to choose from. Use fine-tipped paint brushes for best results. You can also use a felt-tipped pen if you don’t want to paint them, or use both markers and paint on your ornaments.

Step 6

Thread ribbon through the hole or add a hook and your homemade clay Christmas ornaments are finished.

Tips and Warnings

You don’t have to use just cookie cutters when making your ornaments. Shape your ornaments by hand if that is what you prefer. Use glitter or some candy as a way to decorate the ornaments, instead of painting them. Glue a picture of your children on the ornaments, and put their names and date on the back and give them as presents. Be careful when handling the dried ornaments as they might break if dropped.

Things You'll Need

Rolling pin, Clay, Cookie cutters, Toothpicks, Cookie sheet, Paint brushes, Acrylic paints, Felt-tipped pen, Ribbon, Hooks

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