How to Make Lighted Christmas Tree With Baby Food Jars

This delightful lighted Christmas tree is ideal for displaying in a window or in a dark corner of the home to add sparkle to the holiday festivities. Made from recycled baby food jars and a string of Christmas lights, the project is quick and easy to complete and will last for years.


Step 1

Wash baby food jars and lids in hot soapy water and dry thoroughly. Cover the work area with old newspapers to protect the finish. Spray the outside of the covers with green spray paint. Work in a well-ventilated area or outside if possible. Allow the covers to dry completely. Drill a hole, slightly larger than the circumference of the mini lights, in the center of the jar lids. Check to be sure the light will slip easily into the hole. Set aside.

Step 2

Cut 6 to 7 inch sections of the reflective tree garland. Form a circle and drop into the bottom of the baby food jars. You could use tinsel or any other reflective item instead of the garland. Replace the covers on the jars. Check to make sure they are firmly sealed.

Step 3

Select five jars for the base of the tree. Connect three jars with glue so they are in a horizontal row. This is easiest to do if you lie them on their side so the open end faces you. Be sure all jars are lined up perfectly. Placing them against the wall or providing a solid surface for the backs to rest on works great. Glue with hot glue. Place the remaining two jars on top of the bottom row so that the jar rests in the indentation between the the jars in the first row.

Step 4

Set the trunk aside. Choose seven jars for the bottom row of the tree. Line them up against a solid wall so the open ends face up. The backboard of a counter works well. Glue together in a horizontal row with hot glue. Select six jars and glue them together in the same manner, using a solid surface to level the jars. Repeat with the proceeding rows, consisting of one less jar each row. When completed the rows of the tree are: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Step 5

Place the bottom row (seven jars) on the work area so the bottom rests on the work surface and the open end faces up. Attach the second row (six jars) by placing the jars so that jars rest in the indentation between the jars on the previous row. Continue the process until the tree is completed. Attach the trunk by centering the middle jar on the seven-jar base in the indentation made between the two jars at the top of the trunk. Glue in place. Check that all jars are securely attached. Add glue to any weak areas.

Step 6

String lights by inserting the bulb through the opening in the cover, starting at the top and weaving your way to the bottom. Double the lights in the first jar at the top and on the center jar in the bottom row before reaching the trunk. Continue to insert lights in the jars of the trunk.

Step 7

Display your lighted Christmas tree in a window or in a dark corner of the room.

Tips and Warnings

Glue rows individually while leveling against a solid surface and attach completed rows later to prevent uneven rows.

Things You'll Need

33 baby food jars (4 oz.), 2 strings reflective garland, 1 string of lights (35), Green spray paint, Drill

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