How to Make Christmas Cookie Candles

Christmas cookie candles add a whimsical touch to your holiday dessert buffet. image by,,290,0xf3f2e9,

Christmas cookie candles make sweet presents without the calories, or they can be used in your own home as an innovative centerpiece for a holiday table. These candles are easy to make and can be burned just like any other candles. They will scent your home without tempting you to pack on holiday pounds by eating them.


Step 1

Place a large piece of wax paper on the cookie sheet. Make sure that it is flat against the sheet. You can tape it down if you wish, as it is very important that the candles do not slide.

Step 2

Light the jar candle. You will need to let it burn for awhile, so go ahead and light it, then put it to the side. As it burns, more and more wax will become liquid in the jar.

Step 3

Place the cookie cutters on the cookie sheet. They can be fairly close together. Make sure that you are working somewhere that will not need to be used for about 24 hours, because once you start making the candles, they become difficult to transport until they are completely solid again.

Step 4

Place a votive candle in the center of each cookie cutter. If the candle does not fit, shave some wax off the sides with the paring knife. Place the wax shavings around the candle in the cookie cutter.

Step 5

Burn the votive candles. As the candles burn, the wax will melt and take on the shape of the cookie cutter. As soon as you see that the votive has melted to below the level of the cookie cutter, blow out the candle.

Step 6

Top off each candle with melted wax from the jar candle. This will make your candles smell good and prevent the wicks from your votives from burning away the next time you light them.

Step 7

Sprinkle the top of the wax with the colored sprinkles. They will stick to the wax and set to make your candles look even more like Christmas cookies.

Step 8

Add google eyes to reindeer, snowmen or Santa Claus after the wax has set slightly but is still warm. The eyes should stick in the wax with a little pressure.

Step 9

Pop the wax shapes out of the cookie cutters. This will leave you with Christmas cookie-shaped candles that have already been decorated for the season.

Tips and Warnings

Do not leave candles burning unattended. Make sure that they are out of reach of small children and rambunctious pets.

Things You'll Need

Small metal cookie cutters, Brown votive candles, Cream votive candles, Green sprinkles, Red sprinkles, Google eyes, Wax paper, Cookie sheet, Scented jar candle, Lighter, Tape, Paring knife

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