How to Make a Soldier Clothespin Decoration

How to Make a Soldier Clothespin Decoration

These clothespin decorations can be used on a Christmas tree, around the house, as bag closures, attached to wreaths or garland, added to gifts or even used as toys for the kids.


Step 1

Paint the bottom half of the clothespin with white paint.

Step 2

Paint the top half of the clothespin with red paint.

Step 3

Paint round top of clothespin in a peach color for the face. Then paint eyes, nose and mouth in black and cheeks in red.

Step 4

Use black yarn and attach to clothespin with glue on each shoulder, then crisscross across the front body and run black yarn down side legs.

Step 5

Cut yellow strip and rectangle out of felt for belt and then glue onto clothespin.

Step 6

Cut semicircle for the cap hat out of felt and glue onto the head of the soldier. Now glue on red pom pom ball on top.

Things You'll Need

Clothespins, Red pom pom balls, Paint, Black yarn, Felt, Glue

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