How to Make a Miniature Rosebud Tree Ornament

A delicate rosebud ornament is stunning when paired with lace and ribbons on a Victorian themed tree. This sensational ornament is reminiscent of simpler days when tree decor was nature-inspired and captured the simple beauty of the outdoors. Scented with rose essential oils, this elegant ornament will release a soothing scent and add a sense of peace and tranquility to your holiday decor.


Step 1

Purchase a 2-inch Styrofoam ball at your local craft store. These usually come in a pack of three or six and sell for a few dollars. Select miniature rosebuds that are all one color; dark pink or red are good choices for this project, but any color is fine. Check to see that the rosebuds have tiny green leaves attached as this will add to the attractiveness of the ornament.

Step 2

Cover the work area with a layer of old newspaper to protect the surface from drips of glue. Trace a pencil line around the center of the ball to dissect it into two equal portions. Repeat by tracing a line in the opposite direction to divide the ball into fourths.

Step 3

Pour white craft glue into a shallow plate or bowl. Punch a small hole into the ball where two lines intersect with a toothpick that is large enough to accommodate the stem of the rosebud. Dip the stem of the rosebud into the glue and insert it into the hole on the foam ball. Continue to punch holes and glue the rosebuds in place filling one section at a time. Glue the rosebuds so the sides are touching each other. Be careful to not to leave blank spaces.

Step 4

Leave a small space at one end for attaching a ribbon. Select narrow ribbon that complements or contrasts with the color of the roses. Create a bow by looping the ribbon around two pegs that are spaced slightly wider than the desired size of the ribbon. Wrap four to six times and tie in the center. Remove the ribbon from the pegs and pull to fluff. Cut the ends on an angle and glue or pin in place at the top of the ornament. Add a loop of ribbon or decorative cord for hanging.

Step 5

Display your rosebud Christmas ornament on the tree or in a basket.

Tips and Warnings

Add a few drops of rose scented essential oil to the ornament to enhance the aroma if necessary.

Things You'll Need

2-inch Styrofoam ball, Miniature dried rosebuds, White craft glue, Narrow ribbon , Rose scented essential oil (optional)

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