How to Make Christmas Ornaments out of Felt

Felt Christmas tree ornaments are festive and last for decades. You can make ornaments in the classic ball shape or in the shape of a Christmas tree, candy cane, star, Santa Claus, angel, or heart. It takes about 30 minutes to sew a felt ornament. This project is a great idea for making holiday gifts on a budget.


Step 1

Purchase felt in Christmas colors and get additional colors to use as trim. Buy felt that is thick enough to hang nicely when created into an ornament. You can buy felt at flea markets and thrift shops to save money.

Step 2

Cut two pieces of felt into the shape you want to make. Carefully neaten out the edges of the fabric before you start sewing the ornament together. If you want to decorate the ornament with beads or sequins, add them now before you start sewing the ornament together.

Step 3

Thread a needle with embroidery thread in a color that will either match the felt or contrast with it. Put a knot at the end of the piece of thread.

Step 4

Start sewing together the two pieces of felt. You will place the stitches on the outside of the felt. The stitches will be visible on the outside of the ornament. This gives the ornament a nice country, handmade look.

Step 5

Finish sewing together three sides of the ornament. Then add cotton stuffing to the inside of the ornament. Sew the fourth side of the ornament together to complete the main body of the ornament. Add a piece or gold or silver trim or a piece of felt to use as a hanging loop.

Tips and Warnings

You may want to embroider initials or special words or dates on the ornament. Make extra ornaments. They are an adorable gift and come in handy for unexpected guests over the holidays.

Things You'll Need

Felt in Christmas colors, Sewing supplies: needles, thread, scissors, Gold or silver trim , Beads or sequins, Cotton stuffing
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