How to Decorate a Boston Red Sox Christmas Tree

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Red Sox fans are passionate about their team and display their allegiance with hats, T-shirts and sometimes even tattoos. When the holidays roll around, Red Sox fans can help incorporate their team spirit into Christmas with a Red Sox themed Christmas tree.


Step 1

Use traditional candy canes to help decorate the tree. The Red Sox main colors are red and white, and this is the color of candy canes, making it the perfect addition to the tree.

Step 2

String red lights all around the tree. You can also mix in white and blue lights, but the Red Sox usually use a dark blue color and most blue Christmas lights are light blue.

Step 3

Top the tree with your favorite Boston Red Sox hat. If you want a light on top of your tree, place the Red Sox hat over a Christmas star, or place a mini Red Sox cap on top of a Christmas angel.

Step 4

Purchase officially licensed Boston Red Sox ornaments. You can fill your tree with scaled figurine ornaments, baseball ornaments or various shaped ornaments featuring the Red Sox logo (see Resources below).

Step 5

Create your own Red Sox ornaments featuring your favorite Red Sox players. Take two Boston Red Sox player cards and superglue the two backsides together. Punch a small hole towards the top of the cards. String through red or green yard and tie the ends so that there is a loop left. Hang it on the tree and make as many as you please.

Tips and Warnings

String together some popcorn, dying half of it red and keeping the rest white for Red Sox colors.

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