How to Make Marbleized Christmas Balls

These elegant marbleized Christmas balls are the ideal addition to any formal holiday gathering, and are suitable for Christmas weddings or bridal showers. Made with a simple crystal ball and two contrasting colors of acrylic paints, they are simple to make, yet look like you purchased them at specialty store. Display them in a bowl with a string of beaded garland for a dramatic centerpiece, or hang on the tree to create a little Christmas magic.


Step 1

Select clear glass Christmas ornaments with removable tops in the size you desire. For display in a bowl as a centerpiece, 3-inch balls are a good choice. You may wish to purchase two different sizes to display together, to add depth to your display.

Step 2

Choose two contrasting colors of acrylic paint. A small bottle will do as this project uses very little paint. Select colors that appeal to you or that complement your setting. Gold and white or silver and white back a nice combination, but any color can be used. For weddings or showers, choose the brides colors or try silver with one of the brides darker colors.

Step 3

Remove the top of the ball and pour one teaspoon of the first color into the ball. Use a medicine dropper to measure and squirt the paint in if you prefer. Add the same amount of the second color. Swirl the ball around to create a marbled effect around the inside of the ball. Allow the ball to dry completely and recap.

Step 4

Add embellishments to the top of the ball by gluing in place. Decorative ribbons or sprigs of holy look nice. Display in a large glass bowl with a coordinating beaded garland draped among the balls for an impressive centerpiece. Hang from the tree or from swags over windows and door.

Tips and Warnings

Create a impressive wreath by stringing heavy wire through the hangers of the balls and securing into a circle by twisting the wire together. Alternate large and small ball for the best effect. Tie marbleized balls onto the gift tags of that special present. Add marbleized balls to gift baskets by dangling them from the handle with decorative bows or tucking them into the basket itself. Always supervise young children. Purchase clear plastic balls to allow them to join in on the holiday preparations without the danger of broken glass.

Things You'll Need

Acrylic paint, Clear glass Christmas ornaments, Beaded garland, Embellishments

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