How to Make a Snowman Candy Holder

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When you think of Christmas you think of winter and snow. With snow come igloos, snow angels and snowmen. All of these are great ideas to come up with new crafts. You can take a snowman and turn it in to a candy holder. This candy holder can be made for Christmas dinner guests or for Christmas presents for your classmates or your teacher. They are easy to make and can be made with little assistance from parents.


Step 1

Use a can opener that cuts the lid on the sides instead of on top. This makes smooth edges that are safe to the touch, and also make the lid replaceable. In other words, you can put the lid back on top and it will stay there.

Step 2

Place the soup in a storage container or it eat right away. Then clean out the can with soap and water. Dry before continuing to Step 3.

Step 3

Paint your can white. Because the background is dark, you may need to paint two coats.

Step 4

Cut out a piece of red felt that is the same size as the lid. Paste it on the lid as the snowman's hat.

Step 5

Glue a cotton ball in the middle of the red felt lid. This makes the hat a Santa hat.

Step 6

Paint black dots on the front for some eyes. Then paint three black dots down the front middle of the can for the snowman's buttons. Finally, you will need some black dots to form a snowman's mouth.

Step 7

Cut an orange piece of felt to look like a carrot. This would be a sideways triangle. Paste it in between the eyes and the mouth.

Step 8

Cut out a long skinny piece of red or green felt. Fray the edges with your scissors and then tie to the soup can to separate the head from the body. This is the snowman's scarf.

Step 9

Fill the inside with candy and replace the lid.

Tips and Warnings

You can make the eyes, buttons and mouth out of little black felt circles instead of paint. You can paint on an orange nose instead of cutting out a carrot shaped piece of felt. Allow your parents to use the can opener so you don't get cut.

Things You'll Need

Soup can, Felt, Scissors, Glue, Paint, Paintbrush, Cotton ball, Candy

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Photo by: Ariel da Silva Parreira

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