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Dough ornaments have been used to decorate Christmas trees for generations. They are inexpensive, fun and easy to make. It is a craft that can be done by a person of any age. The ornaments can be made into any design or color that you wish to use.


Dough ornaments are made from a heavy salt dough recipe that is rolled out, then cut into shapes by using cookie cutters. Dough ornaments are commonly made by young children to give to their parents as inexpensive Christmas gifts. Please keep in mind that the salt dough ornaments are not edible. You can find a recipe in the first link below, in the Resources section.


Ornaments made from dough can be recognized by being a beige color or sometimes, when made out of gingerbread, they are dark brown. Dough ornaments, when made to last for long periods of time, are sprayed with a sealer. The sealer causes the ornaments to be shiny and prevents them from crumbling. Ornaments made from fimo dough has the appearance of colored clay.


When decorating with dough ornaments, it is important to consider the longetivity of the ornaments. If you only plan to use them for one Christmas season, then spraying them with sealer should not be necessary. If you are making gingerbread cookies and the ornaments are not sprayed, then you and your family can participate in the Swedish tradition of eating the cookies while taking them off of the Christmas tree.


There are three popular types of dough ornaments. One is made of a flour based dough and the other is made of gingerbread. Only the gingerbread will be edible! Simply roll either dough out using a rolling pin and cut out shapes with cookie cutters. The other method is making dough ornaments by using fimo dough. Fimo dough is not edible. It is a clay-based dough that you create shapes and designs with by working the dough in your hands.

Time Frame

For cookie dough ornaments, they should hang in the tree for no longer than a week if you plan to eat them afterwards. Spraying the dough with a sealer will allow the ornament to maintain its form for a year or longer. When packing it away after the season, provide an extra layer or two of protection and store the ornaments in a temperature controlled environment. Fimo dough will last forever if it is packed away securely.

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